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Sedona College Schedule

Cupping as a Manual Therapy
8 Ceu's
May 5,12,19 and 26.
July 7,14,21 and 28
Pre req level 1 or medicupping or online ACE cupping course.
$30 discount off online Medicupping course when you register for this class.


  Level 2 ACE
VacuTherapies 2020

June 12-14, 2020
Sedona College of Natural Health

3 Days 22 CE's                  $495.00

9-5 Each day

Lymphatic Balancing TM Level 2 

Sedona, AZ 
3 Days 26 Ce's                     $495.00 
This class will introduce you to the visceral level of the lymphatic system. We will continue exploring the superficial to deep lymphatic pathways and palpating the lymphatic flow of the viscera. 

Proprioceptive Listening

Sedona, AZ
26 CE's NCBTMB Provider #451094-09
Pre-requsite – Level 1 
Register early to reserve your place!
Classes are from 8:30AM-6:45PM
Tuition $495.00
We will be working with listening techniques from craniosacral, lymphatic drainage, marma, visceral manipulation, bioenergetics, trigger points, meridian flows, massage, etc.

You will experience, as the class evolves, that sensing into the body and really being open to what you ‘feel, see, hear or know’, you are able to determine what kind of restrictions you are dealing with and how to help the body release them.

Facilitator Beth-ellen Zang LMT,AHE,CNC, CMCE To register for this class go to:

Meridian-Nadi Balancing IntensiveTM
4 days

Sedona, Az
32 CE's            $595.00

This class will Introduce you to the 14 superficial Meridian/Nadi Lines their direction of flow and associated organs.We will begin to explore their psycho-emotion and physical impact on the body. You will feel, balance and mobilize the flows.

Please feel free to call and speak with Beth-ellen or by email at

Lymphatic Balancing/ACE Massage Cupping™ Intensive 
NCBTMB Provider # 312464-00

February 8-11,2020
June 6-9, 2020
November 7-10,2020
  Sedona, Az

4 days          32 CE's                    $595.00

8:30-6:30 each day

To Register –

Please go to: for more information about this level 1 training!

Lymphatic BalancingTM

16 CE's taken alone or with Massage cupping
To Register :

Balance of the lymph system is critical to vitality & health. It is responsible for healthy immunity,detoxification, and regeneration of tissue. When lymph becomes toxic either because of poor habits or trauma, it stagnates, accumulates, thickens, hardens and crystalizes. Cellular function deteriorates and the disease process begins.

In this class you will be learning anatomy & physiology of the the lymph system, as well as how to feel the condition anddirection of flow. You will also learn how to release restrictions and apply lymphatic drainage techniques.

To Register:

Craniosacral Balancing TM
NCBTMB Provider #451094-09      26 CE's   
To Register:
8:30-6:45 3 Days

Craniosacral Balancing is a gentle hands on therapy based on the motion coming from the filling and emptying of cerebral spinal fluid in the brain and spinal cord. It evaluates and facilitates the body's self healing mechanism to correct negative affects of stress on the body. In this class you will be learning anatomy & physiology of the the craniosacral system, as well as how to feel the condition and rhythms of the system. You will also learn how to apply connective tissue release techniques.

To Register:        
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